No. modern dental digital x rays have very low radiation. Please refer charts below. Dental X-Ray Safety Radiation Exposure – We use digital which uses one tenth of the dosage of a traditional x-ray film. Please refer to the chart below for some relative comparisons.
CT Scan 1100 12,200
Mammogram 500-1000 5,500-11,000
Annual Background Radiation 360 4000
Chest X-Ray 10-40 100-400
Daily Exposure from Nature 0.98 10
Traditional Dental X-Ray 0.95 10
Airline Flight (per hour) 03 – 0.9 3-10 per hour of flight
Our Digital Dental X-Ray 0.09 1

Electrical tooth brush vs. manual brush
As long as you clean your teeth regularly using proper brushing technique, you should be able to reduce plaque build-up and keep your gums healthy with either a manual or powered toothbrush. Here are some things to keep in mind as you go about choosing the best toothbrush: please click the link below.


No. flossing helps to clean the area where tooth brush bristle can not reach. In fact, flossing will help to preserve delicate crestal bone between teeth from bacterial resorption. This can prevent gum recession which can cause space in between teeth.

Halitosis is generally caused by poor oral hygiene but it can be caused by other reasons as well. Please click the link below.


Halitosis is generally caused by poor oral hygiene but it can be caused by other reasons as well. Please click the link below.


• If you have a dental emergency it’s best to see a dentist as soon as possible. In case this is not an option, here are some tips for handling common dental problems you may encounter.

• Lost Crown (or Temporary Crown)
It is best to get the crown re-cemented as soon as possible, but generally a crown can be out for a few days without causing any major problems. however, don’t try to wait more than few days. Tooth movement and hypersensitivity may occur.
Keep the area clean. Gently brush and rinse with warm salt water.
*to make salt water rinse: mix 1 teaspoon table salt with 1 cup of warm water*
Is the tooth sensitive? Denture adhesive or over the counter temporary cement can be placed inside the crown and it can be gently fit back into place to help soothe the tooth.

• Toothache
Rinse your mouth with luke warm salt water. Salt water helps to cleanse and soothe the affected area.
If you can, take over-the-counter pain medications. OTC medications can be quite effective. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, or Aleve generally work the best for dental pain. Use as directed.
Avoid eating or drinking hot,cold or sweet foods.

• Facial swelling
When you start to notice facial swelling, contact a dentist immediately. Especially if you have hard time breathing or swallowing, and can not see a dentist, go to nearby emergency room.

• Lost Filling
Get some temporary filling material. Most pharmacies carry temporary filling materials that can be placed over sensitive areas until you see your dentist. Sugar-free chewing gum or clean bead wax can also be used to cover the area as a last resort.

• Knocked Out Tooth
A knocked out tooth can still be saved (re-implanted) if you act quickly and get to your dentist’s office. Time is your enemy in this situation. Quickly locate the tooth, or teeth. Very gently remove any obvious dirt or debris. Avoid touching the root as much as possible. Transport the tooth in milk or in some of the person’s own saliva. Make arrangements to see your dentist as soon as possible(within 1~2 hours). If it’s after hours still call your dentist!

• Can’t get hold of a dentist?Your nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Room should be able to help.

Scaling is referred as deep cleaning. It is performed to stop or to treat actively progressing gum disease. Cleaning refers routine check up and maintenance visit with free of active gum problems

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